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Overseas Students

Temporary Visa Holders

If your child has a temporary visa or visitor visa you will need to apply to enrol by contacting the temporary residents program.  Student dependants of people travelling to Australia from overseas on business or study visas may be enrolled in a NSW government school provided that the school is prepared to accept that enrolment. Students can be enrolled for the term of their visa. A student may not attend the school until they have been issued with an authority to enrol.

Most temporary residents, who are working or studying in NSW, fall into a category liable to pay fees. There are a few exclusions where fees do not apply. NZ nationals are exempt from fees. Whether fees are to be paid is dependent on the type of visa issued to you. Fees are approximately $4500AUD per year or part thereof. These fees are not paid to the school but to the Temporary Visa Holder Unit. Initial enquiries can be made to tempvisa@det.nsw.edu.au
Eligibility and Procedures for the Enrolment of International Students in NSW Government Schools.

More Information

For more information, including details of how to apply, visit our international students
Website: www.detinternational.nsw.edu.au

International Students

Email: isc@det.nsw.edu.au
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