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About our school

The mission of Tenambit Public School is Caring, Sharing and Learning Together.

The school endeavours to provide a welcoming, happy and safe environment which: focuses on the development of the whole child: the emotional, social, academic and the physical; promotes an education that emphasises values such as love, compassion, honesty, integrity, trust, equity, co-operation, care and support of others; promotes learning programs based on a partnership between the parents, staff and students; has a commitment to the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills and the use of technology; aims to teach each child to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour; and aims to promote citizenship: being community-minded, tolerant of others and to care for the environment.

Our school community works within an environment of mutual respect and expects all who enter our school to abide by and demonstrate this at all times. This should be in the way we talk to and about each other, in the way we work together to build our community, to support each other either face to face, on social media or when interacting in the wider community.

Since the start of 2018, our school is focusing on Kindness. We aim to instil this in our children to care, respect and support others in both the playground, the classroom and at home.