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Tenambit Public School History

 (Source: A History of Tenambit School: The first 75 years. By Elaine Taylor 1988)

1884 - Edward Charles Close subdivides land between East Maitland and Morpeth.

1895 - Tenambit Progress Committee applies for a school at Tenambit - application denied by the Department of Public Instruction citing small numbers of students and close proximity to East Maitland and Morpeth Schools.

1900 - Second application made by the Tenambit Progress Committee - headed by Mrs Mary E Tiernan. This was denied on the grounds that it only contained 23 children of school age. The Inspector stated at least 30 were needed.

1901 - Mrs Tiernan writes to the Minister informing him that 30 students could be assured.

1901 - 24th December – Inspector Dwyer recommends that a small Infants School be established at Tenambit. The school will be housed at the newly constructed St Egwins Church of England Church for no more than 6 months.

1902 - 2nd June – The first appointed teacher of Tenambit Public School, Miss Caroline Collier, enrols 17 pupils whose ages range from 5-14 years.

1903 - 23rd July - Mr Andrew Burg, Builder, was contracted to build a new school at the present Edward Street site with a completion date of 19th September, 1903. It was to be one classroom with a bell tower and with "windows with 1/8 inch thick cathedral glass of light varying tints". The school would accommodate up to 40 students.

1903 - On 31st October Mrs Caroline Collier moves into the Edward Street site.

1904 - Enrolments grew from 44 students in January to 67 at the end of March - all taught by one teacher. In 1904, Mr Richard Ryan was appointed as a new teacher. Mr Ryan was to teach at the school for 28 years.               

1913 - Bell installed in bell tower of the school.

1915 - Water connected to the school.

1917 - Public Telephone installed.

1924 - On 22nd June, the War Memorial was unveiled by Lieutenant Colonel C. Nicholson V.D. in memory of the men who served in World War 1.

1926 - Northern Electrical Company installs electric power and lights at the school.

1928 - School remodelled and extended for 110 students.

1926 - Mrs Elizabeth Hills appointed as assistant teacher - an appointment that would last 29 years.

1932 - Mr Ryan retires after teaching for 45 years (28 years at Tenambit).

1939-1945 - Soon after the beginning of World War II the children dug air raid shelters and boys made victory gardens. The girls knitted socks and scarves for the Red Cross.

1949 - After a major flood, people began to move to higher ground in and around Tenambit. Around the same time Public Housing was also erected.

1955 - The disastrous flood of 1955 brought rapid growth to the area.

1956-1959 - Additional land was acquired and more rooms were added.

1957 - Memorial gates erected to honour Miss Elizabeth Hills after her death aged 72.

1959 - Oslo Lunch Canteen opened.    

1962 - Prefect System introduced.

1962-1966 - School Motto "Truth and Honour".

1966 - School song written by Mr John Crawford.           

1968 - First Year 6 Farewell.

1975 - Original school building demolished to make way for new buildings.

1976 - 12th November - New extensions (library, administration block, modern classrooms, assembly area and canteen, built at a cost of $900,000) were opened by State Minister for Education, Mr. Eric Bedford.

1977 - 75th Anniversary celebrations held including open day, dinner ball, combined church service and family picnic basket barbeque lunch.

2002 - 2nd June - Tenambit Public School celebrates its centenary.

2010-2011 - School undergoes a 2.6 million dollar refurbishment under the Federal Government's Building the Education Revolution Program (BER). All classrooms refurbished and modernised.